Woman 2.0

Periods, breasts and vaginas. For most of human history, the realm of women’s bodies has been left to girls and women to discuss in hushed circles, segregated sex education classrooms or not at all. And for the most part, it’s been up to girls and women to handle their reproductive functions. But technology is starting to catch up.

Girls and women can take a pill to stop their periods; startups are offering alternatives to the drugstore pad and tampon; women can download apps to track their fertility; and savvy inventors are designing breast pumps that allow new mothers to pump not just at work but while working. This technological boom in women’s reproductive health is coupled with a societal shift in thinking with taboos falling away slowly.

WOMAN 2.0 is a digital series that explores the intersections between biology, culture, feminism, science, technology, business and public policy and poses the question of what the relationship between women and their bodies is in the 21st century–and what it can and should be.

Status:  in production

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